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Not sure if you need ½-ton or 1-ton hoists? Is 12”x 12” box truss sufficient or will you need to go to 20.5 “x 20.5”? Will the weight of the points be within your venue's specifications? Our stage rigging experts can make those calculations for you.

All of our riggers are highly trained with a proven track record in a wide spectrum of venues across the country and around the country. As our events began to require the specialized rigging techniques common to those needed in the industry, we expanded our rigging techniques in trade shows, corporate and special events, and expositions. Today we provide a full range of specialized rigging services on a national scale.

We've long had the mission to provide the highest quality rigging services possible, setting many of the best practices used today. The result of our commitment has significantly reduced the risk associated with rigging activities, setting a safer work standard across the entire industry.

A stage is more than an elevated platform. It's the focal point of your event — the one place that draws the attention of every attendee at once.

We customize your stage build to maximize available space and bring the right focus to your message. We offer a total staging solution, from design, production. Our technicians work closely with our set designers, stylists, and crew to ensure even the most creative and technically demanding stages are expertly built, installed, and dismantled.

Our staging crew makes your life easier. Their safety-first construction and expertise ensures your event is an incredible success. Whether you want to stage an outdoor sporting event or an indoor convention, we have the technical expertise and experience to stage any event, anywhere.