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I have not received an exhibitor kit for my event yet, how do I get one?

If you have not received an exhibitor kit, please call our office at 860.882.0003 or email to request an exhbitor kit.

How do I make arrangements for shipping to my event?

Please review the Material Handling form in your Exhibitor Kit for your event. This will provide you with the correct address for our Advanced Warehouse or address for direct shipments (if offered). Please ensure that you include your exhibitor name, booth number (if available), and event name. The exhibitor name should be the company name that you are representing.

How much will my shipment cost?

Each event is different regarding shipping/drayage fees. We charge by carton weight (cwt). There is a minimum of two carton weight (cwt). Please review your Material Handling form in your exhibitor kit for the correct pricing per carton weight.

How does outbound shipping work?

The exhibitor/vendor will go to the service desk before or at show end and depending on the type of shipment, you will provide a bill of lading ( for freight shippers such as YRC, R&L, Old Dominion, etc.) or shipping labels (Fed Ex or UPS). We will then charge outbound shipping fees which equal $32 per carton weight (cwt) with a minimum of two carton weight (cwt) equaling to a minimum of $64. If over 200 cwt, the charge will depend on weight.

Our preferred carrier is YRC. If you have chosen YRC to move your freight, the outbound shipping charges are waived. You will still need to visit ther service desk to make shipping arrangements.

We also offer Fed Ex shipping through our Fed Ex account. We would bill you the outbound shipping fee and Fed Ex charges which would be determined upon return to our warehouse after being weighed and estimate through Fed Ex has been created. You will still need to visit the service desk to arrange this.

Any freight or materials left unmarked on the show floor will be brought back to our warehouse and we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange for shipment. Anything left in our warehouse over a month will be assessed a storage fee.

I have a charge on my credit card. What is it for?

Typically, when you receive a charge on your credit card it is because we have received an order from you or a shipment has been received for your event. However, you should be receiving an invoice via email as soon as that charge has been made. Sometimes, the invoice will be sent to your junk or spam folders depending on your online security. If you still have not received an invoice (this does happen from time to time) please call or email us and we can provide you an invoice and an explanation of charges.

I am requesting an online login to make my order. How do I do this?

Please email us at to request an online login. We do not provide a direct link for vendors to create an online log in on any event webpage.

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